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Are People Lighting Up in Your Washrooms?

Do you need to detect them?

Well we can help!

Click on Photo Please! - smoke detector, no smoking, smoking, cigarette, smoke, detector, cigarette smoke, smoking, smokebuster, cigarettebuster, voice products, kaufman, cigarette smokebuster PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THESE PRODUCTS!
  • We don't detect smoke! (Except VP80XX)
  • We detect smokers lighting up!
  • It's not a Cigarette Smoke Detector but a Cigarette Lighting Up Detector!
  • We see the flame!
  • We detect the ultraviolet light present in the flame of a cigarette lighter or match.
  • We are fast, efficient and accurate.
  • We "SEE" the problem!
  • We are inexpensive!
  • We are cost effective!
  • Disclaimer <Click Here>


Our STEALTH smoking detectors are truly unique devices. This is truly innovative technology where the device is not really a cigarette smoke detector but more of a cigarette smoker detector. Please read on ...

In the past people could light up just about anywhere including the bathrooms in your school, hospital or manufacturing facility. Later when someone enters that bathroom they instantly recognize the smell of smoke but the culprit would be long gone. Cameras cannot be legally installed in most bathrooms a fact which can frustrate an enforcer looking to stamp out illegal or improper smoking in his school or facility.

We offer a way to detect the action of lighting up! Several people have tried using modified or high tech smoke detectors similar to those in our homes to no effect. If the smoker is kind enough to stand under a smoke detector and blow smoke into it then perhaps it will give an alarm.

Our system is very different using UV (Ultraviolet) flame detectors (not smoke detectors) our systems "sees" the initiation of a flame started by a cigarette lighter or match and sounds the alarm either overtly or covertly. The covert systems alert the "enforcer", perhaps a vice principal or personnel manager that a smoker has lighted up in a particular bathroom.

Our high tech system(s) actually transmit the alarm via a wireless transmitter to an intelligent receiver that determines which bathroom or area is signaling and in turn transmits a coded pager message that "Someone lit up in Bathroom Number 16" and the enforcer or his delegate can take immediate action and visit the bathroom where the infraction has occurred. The smoker is amazed that somehow he got caught! What a beautiful thing? No cameras, no microphones just cleverly applied technology.


We're the company with the sunny disposition.
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