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STEALTH Smoking Enforcement Sensors
Rectanglar Housing SMOKE Detector
Model 80XX
Technical Information

Our 8000 series detectors will trigger an alert when sensing the combustive products of cigarette smoke. This detector employs state of the art microprocessor technology with a sophisticated algorithm to discriminate minute concentrations of cigarette smoke. It is the most effective way to stop smokers from smoking for rooms that are 6x10 or smaller.

Cigarette smoke dissipates very quickly & is challenging to detect without false triggers. The model 8000 may take as much as 5 minutes to trigger and should be considered in situations where fast response time is not critical to its usage. For situations where immediate (1 second) response time is desired the CigaretteBuster model VP-52XX or VP-74XX products should be considered.

  • Physical
    • Size - Approx 5.5" x 3.5" x 1.5"
    • Weight - About 10 oz
  • Electrical
    • 2 AA Batteries (Minimum One Year Battery Life)
    • Output (Open Collector) 3A in VP-8040 (Relay Out)
    • Short Range - Wireless in VP-8030
    • Alarm out (VP8020 = 85 dB Buzzer)
  • Performance
    • Coverage - About 100 sq. ft.
    • Battery Life - Minimum One Year
    • Latch time - 3 seconds
  • Models
    • VP-8020 - Battery - Internal Alarm Buzzer (85 dB)
    • VP-8030 - Battery - Short Range Wireless Output (20-50 ft)
                     Transmits to VP-R630, VP-R730,
                      VP-R830B or VP-R930
    • VP-8040 - 12 vDC - with Relay Output
    • VP-8050 - 12 vDC - with Relay Output & Internal Buzzer

Covered by US Patent 6,545,608


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