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Here are some answers to some of your questions. Please call, fax or email us if you need more help. Click here for our contact information.

How does it work?

The STEALTH system uses detectors used in common fixtures found in bathrooms such as deodorizers or perhaps a fake sprinkler head to sense a flame caused by a cigarette lighter or a match. It then sends a signal to a centrally located receiver which then sounds the alarm. The receiver can send the alarm to a belt pager which lets the wearer know that someone has struck a match and which bathroom number is involved.

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What technology is involved?

The devices we sell use unique UV (Ultraviolet) flame detection devices which heretofore have been used in flame control and flame detection systems. All flames generate UV light. The initiation of a flame while striking a match or flicking a cigarette lighter generates UV which can be detected by these special sensors. Once the light is detected then all we have to do is "sound the alarm" either overtly or covertly and enforcement of your smoking policy can begin.

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How do you install the system

The detectors are easily mounted on the ceiling with just a few screws. The wireless units can be probably installed in less than 5 minutes per bathroom. The centrally located receiver unit is plugged into a wall outlet and the system is essentially ready to help you start enforcing the rules!

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What power is needed?

Our sensors use simple (for the most part AA and AAA commonly available batteries) Lithium batteries which typically have a life of two or more years in our sensors. We do recommend that the batteries be replaced annually to ensure proper operation.

Why hide the detectors?

We have found that overtly mounted detectors can be subject to vandalism and theft while our STEALTH detectors blend in with the environment are inherently less likely to be noticed or damaged.

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Should I use Wireless or Hard-Wired units?

The wireless system is much easier and faster to install. A hardwired installation may be required if the distance if the distances between the sensors and the receiver is too far for the range of the wireless equipment. We strongly recommend or wireless system because of it's ease of installation and use.

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Can we use these devices for fire detection?

No. These devices do detect flame but they are specifically designed to detect the flame from a match or cigarette lighter when someone is lighting up. See our DISCLAIMER PAGE < CLICK HERE >

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