The Dangers Of Smoking Before Cosmetic Surgery

Thinking of surgery? If you are a smoker, even in a social way, it is good that you know about the danger of not quitting before surgery.

Tobacco, cigarettes, patches, and even e-cigarettes all have one thing in common: nicotine. A compound that alters blood flow and can lead to tissues dying from lack of oxygen.

In case of any intervention in the body, it is recommended by surgeons to stop smoking three to six weeks before the operation.

However, the problem is even greater with plastic surgery. Why? In this type of intervention, doctors proceed to remove skin, therefore, some blood vessels are removed. In this way, the vessels that remain intact are responsible for providing oxygen to the manipulated skin.

  • Loss of areas of skin on the face, nipples or abdomen
  • Infections
  • Death of fat cells, causing nodules.
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Permanent damage to certain blood vessels
  • Loss of breast implants due to healing problems.
  • Strokes, heart complications, and respiratory problems.

Plastic surgeons reaffirm this recommendation and also emphasizes the importance of the responsibility to go to a certified plastic surgery specialist and to investigate the quality and sanitary conditions of the place where the procedure will be performed. Along with this, the post-operative care established by the doctor must be followed to the letter, since a good result is the product not only of a good surgery, but of adequate and responsible postoperative care by the patient.

So, if you want your cosmetic changes to be as effective as possible, the best advice is to make sure you are a good time without smoking and be responsible in each step recommended by the surgeon after the operation. Thus, it contributes to a healthy recovery and even a healthy life without nicotine in the body.

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